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Whether you have online experience, or you’re just getting started, SPS DGTL’s seasoned team and advisors will bring your program to the next level. We can help manage your digital customer experience program or complete a roadmap for your own AI-enabled service automation. We’re ready to take on any people-powered or tech-enabled project.

  • Digital Experience Current State Assessment
  • Process Design
  • Tool Selection
  • Service Automation Roadmap

Digital Customer Care

Today’s consumers never sleep, go digital first, and expect service on-demand in real-time. Our multilingual team works around the clock 24x7x365 to provide solutions to your customers when they expect it. We evaluate every incoming comment, review, and engagement, then categorize, service, and share them to the right people in your organization.

  • Fully-Integrated Digital Care Platform, ENGAGE
  • People Powered 24x7x365 Digital Customer Service
  • Ad Campaign Comment Moderation
  • Online Review Management
  • Off-Page Interaction and PR Monitoring

Service Automation

Not every customer service interaction requires human contact, especially when digital volume can reach unmanageable heights. SPS DGTL service automation provides an omni-channel experience with advanced technologies like AI-enabled chatbots and robotic process automation to improve customer satisfaction, reduce complexity, and control costs.

  • Chatbot Design and Implementation
  • Service Automation with RPA
  • Intent Design and Live Agent Integration
  • Centralized Knowledge Management System

Social Listening and Reporting

SPS DGTL’s tools listen to your customers’ emotions and opinions while developing meaningful data from text pulled from your digital community. Advanced text analytics can measure customer opinions, reviews, and sentiment while being a safety net for potential public relations, or a brand-damaging crisis with our 24x7x365 monitoring service.

  • NLP Text Analytics
  • Powerful Insights and Social Listening
  • Real-Time Trend Identification and Keyword Recognition
  • Sentiment Analysis and Customer Satisfaction

Small Business Solutions

Are you a small to medium-sized business? Check out DGTL Local, our digital solutions created specifically for small businesses. DGTL Local gives you access to our proprietary digital engagement platform, ENGAGE, as well as world-class creative capabilities, and around-the-clock service for your customers so you can succeed on social media at a fraction of the cost. Save time, stand out from the crowd, compete with companies 10 times your size, and grow your business with DGTL Local’s social media solutions.

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$600k Net Savings for a client who switched from phone base to digital customer service

63% Cost Savings for Digital Customer Service over traditional phone support

67% of Customers consider using digital networks to seek resolutions for issues

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ENGAGE is SPS DGTL’s digital customer service platform designed for our own customer service team. ENGAGE consolidates conversations from across your business’ social media profiles and other digital channels, helping your team connect with customers, solve service issues, and analyze the conversation with detailed reports.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Social media is on 24x7 & VIA’s transportation services are too. With SPS DGTL, we were able to facilitate a new form of communication with our riders to connect with us whenever!
VIA Metropolitan Transit
Our company services almost everyone in Texas on the I-35 corridor. Having SPS DGTL work with us & our customers makes us a local name wherever they call home at any time that is convenient for them.
Finished Work Roofing
SPS DGTL helped spearhead the social media efforts of our brand. They support & assist with many after-hours text messages, handled crisis situations with a steady hand, & led the charge with grace.
Conn’s HomePlus

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Improve Customer Satisfaction & Reduce Operating Costs

Tackle your toughest customer experience challenges and improve customer satisfaction, while reducing costs by up to 50 percent.


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Digital Customer Service Automation

Need to build a continuity plan for customer care or reduce the cost of customer care while increasing customer satisfaction? Discover solutions with automation.


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Next Steps for Service Automation

SPS DGTL helps brands build a digital customer service foundation to implement various AI, chat, and service automation solutions that lead to a high chance of success.


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Service Automation

SPS DGTL has the people, process, and tech to handle a brand’s volume and customer satisfaction by leveraging AI for digital customer care automation.


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