What SPS DGTL Can Do For Your Business

Customer Service

Boost your customer service efforts with ENGAGE

We built our digital engagement platform, ENGAGE, and our 24x7x365 people-powered monitoring service focused on community management. By monitoring your inbound digital volume, SPS DGTL can analyze and understand trends coming from your customers or manage your digital narrative.

Operating Costs

Do more without spending more with our trained agents

Increase your output without increasing spend by leveraging SPS DGTL. Managing digital media only costs one sixth of a typical call center interaction. Our unique approach and innovative customer service technology ensure that you don’t have to wait to launch your large-scale digital customer service initiative, saving you money and guaranteeing you see better DXE results across the board.

Leverage Your Data

Make your data work for you

SPS DGTL will aggregate your data from your digital data properties to unlock key insights about your business. Our analytics will help you understand your net brand sentiment, changes over time, explore customer insights, usage patterns, interests, and more. An integrated approach to data will revolutionize your business.


Stay ahead of the curve

Don’t settle for what your competitors are already doing, stay ahead of the pack by exploring all the options at your disposal. SPS DGTL is your innovative and forward-thinking agency by your side, we can help you explore the possibilities of predictive analytics, chatbots, voice to text, and more!

Do More Without Spending More

$600k Net Savings for a client who switched from phone base to digital customer service

63% Cost Savings for Digital Customer Service over traditional phone support

67% of Customers consider using digital networks to seek resolutions for issues

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Social media is on 24x7 & VIA’s transportation services are too. With SPS DGTL, we were able to facilitate a new form of communication with our riders to connect with us whenever!
VIA Metropolitan Transit
Our company services almost everyone in Texas on the I-35 corridor. Having SPS DGTL work with us & our customers makes us a local name wherever they call home at any time that is convenient for them.
Finished Work Roofing
SPS DGTL helped spearhead the social media efforts of our brand. They support & assist with many after-hours text messages, handled crisis situations with a steady hand, & led the charge with grace.
Conn’s HomePlus

Why Partner with SPS DGTL?

Your team has too much digital volume to effectively manage.

SPS DGTL works around the clock 24x7x365 to manage more than 150,000 items per month. With less than an hour response time, we give you and your team peace of mind that your brand is always available for your customers.

Labor and software costs make digital customer service too expensive for your team.

SPS DGTL can help reduce cost and improve efficiency. Digital customer service interactions cost one sixth of a typical call center interaction. Past clients have seen net cost savings of $600,000!

You receive customer service and PR issues on your digital channels, but they are missed or discovered too late.

Our skilled agents are on the lookout 24x7x365 for digital customer service issues, potential PR or business threats, and even surprise and delight opportunities, handling them in under 60 minutes of posting.

Your team understands the importance of AI and chatbots, but doesn’t know where to start.

Innovation is moving rapidly. SPS DGTL has the team and technology to bring your business to the next level with AI and chatbots to solve and ease digital customer service issues.

Your team needs a tool made for customer service, but can only find “marketing” tools that don’t fully serve your needs.

SPS DGTL’s proprietary digital monitoring platform ENGAGE was built with inbound engagements the top priority making focusing on third party collaboration, conversation threads and history, user escalation, assigned items and more!

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