Social Engagement & Customer Care

We know the feeling– when you’re overwhelmed by social media and limited on time. Let us take the challenge of 24x7x365 social engagement & customer care off of your plate with our robust team and nonstop availability.

We offer a round-the-clock solution for cultivating and nurturing digital relationships with the people you care about.

Our Process

First, we work alongside you to develop a social media response strategy that reflects your company’s unique voice while infusing each interaction with a distinct human touch. Then our agile team uses this blueprint to continually create authentic moments of human connection with your growing community.

We have helped companies across the globe tap into the power of an experienced social engagement & customer care team while staying true to their voice across every interaction. Our empathetic and educational approach sets us apart as the “non-bot” answer to increasing expectations in customer communications.


  • Social Response Protocol (SRP)
  • Customer care
  • 24x7x365 coverage
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Crisis alert & management

Case Study Major Multinational Retailer Natural Disaster Response

We provided 24/7 real-time engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We completed 100,000 engagements of incoming social media in 30 days.

We informed customers of up-to-date store closings and emergency resources.

In less than two weeks, one client with a strong presence in the areas impacted by a natural disaster saw their total audience grow 5 percent to a total of over 1.7 million.

Total Audience Growth 84,128 4.9%

Audience Growth by Social Channel
1,461 2.2%

Audience Growth Over Time

Case study graph

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