Improve Customer Service

Boost your customer service efforts

Customers expect and demand real-time communication online. In fact, 81% of customers prefer digital customer service over telephone. And with a social media issue only costing one sixth of a typical call center interaction, it’s in your best interest to prioritize digital customer service. Our unique approach and innovative customer service technology ensures that you don’t have to wait to launch your large-scale digital customer service initiative.

Digital Customer Service
Engage Platform

Reduce Operating Costs

Do more without spending more

Increase your output without increasing spend by leveraging SPS DGTL. When you partner with us, you won’t have to worry about the challenge of hiring and retaining highly specialized staff or managing long-term subscriptions to software platforms you don’t need on a regular basis. You’ll save money and see better results across the board.

Digital Customer Service
Engage Platform

Leverage Your Data

Make your data work for you

It’s your data – isn’t it about time it worked for you? When you aggregate data from digital properties like Facebook and Twitter into your operational systems, you unlock key insights about your business. You’ll be able to understand net brand sentiment and changes over time, explore customer insights like demographics, usage patterns, interests, and more. An integrated approach to data will revolutionize your business.

Social Platform Integration
Social Aggregation & Analytics


Stay ahead of the curve

Every day there are new ways to interact with your customers. If you want to explore the possibilities of predictive analytics, chat bots, voice to text, or more, you need an innovative and forward-thinking agency by your side. Don’t settle for what your competitors are already doing, stay ahead of the pack by exploring all the options at your disposal.


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