The new standard in customer service

Tired of trying to use a platform built by marketers to meet your digital customer service needs? Frustrated that your enhancement requests didn’t make this release but might just “if you’re lucky” be in next year’s release? Meet Engage - an innovative digital customer service platform unlike any other.

iPad with Engage

Agents using Engage can process 2-3 times the volume of agents using off-the-shelf platforms.

Built by digital customer servants

Engage by SPS DGTL is a one-of-a kind platform designed by digital customer care specialists and built from the ground up to meet the unique demands of serving our clients customers across a multitude of digital platforms. Our Engage development team works in the contact center alongside digital customer service agents so we can quickly address enhancement requests and continue to rapidly improve our platform performance and agent efficiency.

Build exclusively for our clients

Engage is only available to clients who have subscribed to the SPS DGTL’s digital customer service turn-key managed service. Access to this platform provides our clients with an exclusive competitive advantage over their competitors using off-the-shelf tools that have been built for the masses.

Desktop with Engage

Built for the real needs of agents

Using Engage, agents within the SPS DGTL contact center can quickly intake, assess, and respond to customer comments, questions, and complaints. Many engagements can be completely resolved without ever interfacing with our Client’s customer service teams. When an item needs to be escalated, with one click, the conversation history and notes can be placed in a special queue that only our Client’s customer service team has access to.

Features Include:


Realtime Platform Integration


Customer Care Workflows


Skills Based Routing


Sentiment Analysis


Advanced Image & Video Recognition


Integrated Knowledge Base for Processes & Response Protocols


Practical Analytics for Contact Center Operations

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